Syrinx Journey Day 109: Role Reversal “Syrinx”

This afternoon on the University of Pennsylvania campus I went into Skirkanich Hall of the School of Engineering and Applied Science. I was attracted to the building, which I had never been in, so I decided to explore. I admired the lofty atrium just inside the entrance, which is cantilevered over the sidewalk. Down beneath street level is Berger Auditorium, where I decided to play Syrinx in a seat rather than onstage. As I left the building I discovered that the architects are Tod Williams and Billie Tsien, the team also behind the new Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia.

2 thoughts on “Syrinx Journey Day 109: Role Reversal “Syrinx””

  1. Mimi, you get such wonderful live recordings regardless of the place they are recorded. How you you do it? How do you get such consistency of recording clarity, color, and intensity? Amazing!

    What equipment do you use? That’s what I want for Christmas…plus a better embouchure.

  2. Hello Jerry, thanks for your kind comment! I record with my Canon G12 camera, which takes excellent photos and videos. I recommend it highly. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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