Syrinx Journey Day 343: “Syrinx” with the Sphinx at the Penn Museum

Today’s Syrinx performances at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology were among the highlights of my nearly entire year of performing Debussy’s work every day, and I have done so in many impressive and beautiful places. In this video, I appear in the Egyptian gallery with the largest sphinx in the Western hemisphere and architectural features from the palace of the pharaoh Merenptah (r. 1213-1204 BCE). The palace, located in Memphis in Lower Egypt, is the best preserved royal palace excavated in Egypt. The red granite sphinx is inscribed with the names of the pharoah Ramesses II, and his son and successor Merenptah.

As my sound reverberated against the ancient stone, I wondered about all the
other sounds the sphinx, standing so grandly and impassively through the
ages, had heard.

Thank you to Pam Kosty, Tom Stanley, Therese Marmion, and the rest of the Penn Museum team for welcoming me so warmly today.


9 thoughts on “Syrinx Journey Day 343: “Syrinx” with the Sphinx at the Penn Museum”

    1. Thanks, Steven! I’m delighted you’ve been following my whole Syrinx Journey and I can’t believe the year is nearly complete.
      Best wishes,

    1. Many thanks, Marty, for your lovely note and for being such a loyal follower of Syrinx Journey! I can’t believe my exciting journey is nearing completion.
      Warm wishes to you and Ellen,

    1. Thank you, Tracy, for your kind words and for following me on my exciting Syrinx Journey! Can’t believe the year is almost complete.
      Best wishes,

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