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Syrinx Journey Day 245: “Syrinx” after “Debussy and the Baroque” Concert

We played an exciting concert yesterday: “Debussy and the Baroque” on my Dolce Suono Ensemble Presents home series in Philadelphia. I am fortunate to make music with wonderful colleagues – Anthony Newman, harpsichord, Nathan Vickery, cello, Burchard Tang, viola, Elizabeth White Clark, harp, Jonathan Blumenfeld, oboe, and Shelley Showers, horn – in a program of Rameau, Couperin, Debussy, Stucky, and Newman. We performed Debussy’s Sonata for Flute, Viola, and Harp but I didn’t slip Syrinx onto the program, which was quite full of music, so I played my daily Syrinx after the concert.

Syrinx Journey Day 243: “Syrinx” in the Studio

Syrinx in the studio at Curtis’s Lenfest Hall where we rehearsed Debussy’s Sonata for Flute, Viola, and Harp. Delighted to be performing this magnificent piece and one of my favorites with wonderful musicians Burchard Tang, viola and Elizabeth White Clark, harp on Sunday on my Dolce Suono Ensemble’s “Debussy and the Baroque” concert.

Syrinx Journey Day 177: “Syrinx” after Concert

Today my Dolce Suono Ensemble gave our concert “Dialogue of the Winds” with guest Anthony McGill, clarinet, and ensemble artists Burchard Tang, viola, Charles Abramovic, piano, and me. After the exciting music made with stellar artists and good friends, after the reception, I recorded Syrinx in the hall where we performed, Trinity Center for Urban Life, for a few lingering friends.


Syrinx Journey Day 176: “Syrinx” at Trinity Center’s French Room

I played Syrinx in the French Room at Trinity Center for Urban Life while Anthony McGill, Burchard Tang, and Charles Abramovic were rehearsing Mozart’s Kegelstatt Trio for our Dolce Suono Ensemble concert tomorrow. Please join us for our “Dialogue of the Winds” program of beautiful and exciting music by Mozart, Debussy, SaintSaëns, and Shostakovich.