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Syrinx Journey Day 48: “Syrinx” in the Opera Studio

After rehearsal I went into the opera studio at Curtis to play Syrinx. It’s a room with a special ambience – an antique piano, opera scores on the shelves, an ornate couch, and a big mirror along one wall. Last night’s Bach concert in Bedford, NY was lots of fun. This morning I returned to Philadelphia, went to rehearsal and worked on grants. It was a long and busy day, but by now my day does not feel complete without playing Syrinx.

Syrinx Journey Day 13: Curtis Institute of Music

This afternoon I popped into my musical home, the Curtis Institute of Music, to play Syrinx. This is room IE, the harpsichord room, where during my student days at Curtis I had many rehearsals, coachings, and worked on Baroque music with the wonderful Lionel Party. The acoustics are nice in this room. A bloom is added to the sound, but not too much so there is a lot of clarity, making it good for practicing. Franz Liszt looks over my shoulder, while an Arcadian landscape unfolds behind me. Though unplanned, this interpretation was somewhat quicker and a little more rhapsodic than usual.