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Eclipse “Syrinx” for Debussy’s Birthday

For Debussy’s birthday today, August 22, I performed Syrinx outside during the solar eclipse yesterday. In Philadelphia the eclipse was partial, and while I played Syrinx the moon passed in front of the sun, darkening the mid-afternoon.  As I played the music of Debussy during this awe-inspiring phenomenon I thought of tuning myself to the music of the spheres.

This will be a particularly rich season of Debussy, as our Dolce Suono Ensemble will be marking the centennial of his death with a festival of performances in March and April 2018.

Contest result

Dear all,

Thank you for your entries in the “Name Those Tunes” Syrinx contest on Syrinx Journey Day 308 (here: http://mimistillman.org/syrinx-journey-day-308-syrinx-with-name-those-tunes). The winner is Lorin Chisholm, who generously asked me to give the prize, my CD “Odyssey: 11 American Premieres for Flute and Piano,” to a student in one of the summer programs and masterclasses I taught.

I appreciate your following “Syrinx Journey”!