Syrinx Journey Day 208: “Syrinx” at Dunwoody for Mrs. Rochberg and friends

This evening I performed with Jeremy Gill at Dunwoody Village, the home of Mrs. Gene Rochberg, the widow of George Rochberg, the important American composer. She invited us to reprise the concert and talk we did in Philadelphia last month. Jeremy studied composition with George Rochberg at the University of Pennsylvania, and edited his mentor’s book A Dance of Polar Opposites (University of Rochester Press, 2012). Tonight, Jeremy spoke about the book and we performed Rochberg’s Between Two Worlds for flute and piano. Our program also included music of Bach, Debusy, and Bizet-Borne, among other works.

I played Syrinx at the post-concert reception, and closed the piece while visiting Mrs. Rochberg.


2 thoughts on “Syrinx Journey Day 208: “Syrinx” at Dunwoody for Mrs. Rochberg and friends”

  1. What a wonderful clip. You’re playing is so beautiful.
    We will put it on our Dunwoody website. Thank you again for a great evening.
    Sal Caltabiano

    1. Dear Sal,
      Thanks for your kind words. It was a great pleasure meeting you at Dunwoody. I’m glad you’ll share the clip with the Dunwoody community. Looking forward to speaking with you again soon.
      Best regards,

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