Syrinx Journey

“Syrinx Journey” is my project honoring Debussy’s birthday year in a very personal way. I will make a video recording of his “Syrinx for Solo Flute” every day for one year, starting today on his birthday. August 22, 2012 is the 150th birthday of Claude Debussy (1862-1918) – creator of masterpieces, innovator of a unique musical voice, and an inspiration for generations of artists who followed him. Debussy’s music has always held a significant place in my life. As a flutist, I cherish his solo, chamber, and orchestral contributions to my repertoire. I arranged several of his songs for flute and piano in a book published by Theodore Presser, “Nuits d’étoiles: 8 Early Songs Arranged for Flute and Piano.” As a historian, I have studied and researched Debussy’s life and work, having written my Master’s thesis and several articles about him. As Artistic Director of Dolce Suono Ensemble, I am pleased to be devoting our 2012-2013 season to the theme “Debussy in Our Midst: A Celebration of the 150th Anniversary of Claude Debussy.”
“Syrinx” is one of the most important works ever written for solo flute. Composed in 1913 as instrumental music for Gabriel Mourey’s play “Psyché,” this 2 1/2 minute jewel highlights Debussy’s ability to create a universe of moods and timbres in microcosm, to invoke the soul of the instrument for which he writes, and to spark the imaginations of performers and listeners alike. Originally titled “La Flûte de Pan,” the work was performed from the wings during Pan’s death scene, giving rise to the current performance practice of performing Syrinx in a darkened room. The eminent flutist Louis Fleury gave the premiere performances and subsequently included the piece in his recitals.
I am challenging myself to delve deeply into “Syrinx” through my commitment to daily performances for a whole year. I am sure that the piece will take on new meanings for me every day as I experience it in a range of venues from traditional concert halls to natural settings. I am starting in Israel, in the Roman theater at Bet She’an. Not only was it thrilling to perform in this near-perfectly preserved Roman theater with its astoundingly brilliant acoustics, but the connection between the subject matter of the music, derived from Greek myth, and the ancient theater, was particularly inspiring.
Please come with me on my journey and join me in saying, bon anniversaire, Claude!
I welcome your comments as our journey progresses!
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Here are some highlights from Syrinx Journey:
Day 1 at the Roman theater in Bet She’an, Israel
Day 52 at the New York Academy of Medicine, benefit for South Street Seaport Museum
Day 119 “Syrinx” with Francis Poulenc’s “Un Joueur de flûte berce les ruines”

Day 137 “Syrinx” at the Arthur Ross Gallery, University of Pennsylvania

Day 148 Proustian “Syrinx”


Day 191 “Syrinx” and Les sept ponts


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