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Syrinx Journey Day 366: Joyeux Anniversaire Claude Debussy!

This Syrinx completes the yearlong¬†cycle of Syrinx Journey, performed on August 22, Debussy’s birthday. On the shore of Lake George, New York, where I performed at Lake George Music Festival, I played Syrinx in the afternoon sun, gazing at the lake. I felt very emotional as I played Debussy’s masterpiece for the 366th time in as many days, bringing my project full circle. It has been the most profound and fulfilling journey of musical and personal discovery. As I steeped myself in the music of Debussy, I imbibed the arts and ideas of¬†his time, luxuriating in the unique and beautiful aesthetic world that was his.

Afterwards my friends joined me to wish Claude Debussy a joyeux anniversaire.


Left to right: Kevin Kunkel, Catherine Chen, Ronni Gordon, Mimi, Samuel Nemec, Daniel Lelchuk