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Syrinx Journey Day 312: “Syrinx” on July 4

Today, July 4, my Syrinx celebrates Independence Day. After all, French help was instrumental in the American Revolutionary War!

I paired Debussy with the opening of Irving Berlin’s God Bless America and great works of American art. Clockwise from the flag, two paintings by Winslow Homer, Schooner at Sunset (1880) and Gloucester Sunset (1880). They are vivid watercolor images of the rocky coast of northern Massachusetts. Then two contrasting paintings in oil by Edward Hopper, urban interiors to Homer’s plein air panoramas: New York Restaurant (1922) and Two on the Aisle (1927). Interior and exterior are powerfully juxtaposed in Andrew Wyeth’s Her Room (1963), a tempera on panel portrait of the artist’s wife Betsy’s room. Finally, there is a pencil drawing by our good friend the artist Ben Watson. Fallen (2004) depicts an uprooted tree on the Kuerner farm. It is the home of Karl and Anna Kuerner, very close friends of Andrew Wyeth. Watson knew Wyeth and visited the farm each year to paint.