Tea with Mimi #11 – Vive la France! – Bastille Day

“Tea with Mimi” #11 – Vive la France! – Bastille Day

My mostly French program in honor of Bastille Day picked up where I left off last week, with British music, before crossing the channel to France.

Gordon Jacob, The Pied Piper 

I. Spell

II. The March to the River Weser

Gabriel Fauré, Morceau de Concours with Charles Abramovic, piano on recording

Jacques Ibert, Pièce pour flûte seule

Joseph-Henri Altès, selected Etudes

The Livestream video got cut off, unfortunately, so I re-recorded the next works on the second video.

Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre, Selections in my arrangements

C’est si bon

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