“Tea with Mimi” #5 – Music and Literature – Facebook Livestream, May 19, 2020

This afternoon I explored music with connections to literature or the spoken word in different ways. Thank you to everyone who tuned in! I appreciate your comments a great deal.

Here are the pieces I performed, with start times in the video:

Intro + outro = Altamiro Carrilho, Aeroporto do Galeao (Brazilian choro)

3:10 Fang Man, A Folktale of the Four Dragons

17:12 Johannes Donjon, Études de Salon Élégieétude and Le Chant du vent

27:00 C.P.E. Bach, Sonata in A Minor for Solo Flute I. Poco adagio

34:28 Benjamin Lees, Soliloquy Music from King Lear

43:52 Claude Debussy, Nuit d’étoiles and Beau soir

Some of the above repertoire in other performances on my YouTube Channel (please subscribe for new videos!):

Donjon, C.PE. Bach, Debussy

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